Who is Massimo Iannuzzi?

I am a programmer and web master analyst. It is generally the one who administers and manages a web site after its online publication, taking care of its proper functioning, resolving any technical issues, choosing and renewing the hosting and the services attached to the website.

This is My History

Graduated as Analyst Programmer in 1990, soon to work as a Laboratory Assistant to teach the first RPG / 400 rudiments. The technological evolution is fast and therefore I also passionately follow the development of new trends. Even though I’m no longer in the CED of the company I’ve been working for for nearly 30 years, I’m developing and managing several projects on the web. E-commerce has evolving to make qualitative offerings available in my portfolio. Equally important is the development of marketing activities that support the same websites. That’s why video plays an important part of my development.

Let’s give some numbers

  • Brand strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • Web Development 50%
  • Customer Satisfaction 90%