who to contact for a websiteWho to contact? it is the recurring question for those who approach to find someone who can offer him a service worthy of the name.

The first and worst thing that is asked by a customer is how much a professional website costs.

My personal experience leads me to say that there are two categories of users who ask themselves this question. The first know well what they want from a website and have a long list of what to ask and the latter intend to spend a certain amount just to get the website that has the phone number and some other information of their company.

What I can suggest for those who belong to the second category, is to follow the points below:

1) Your site must be able to see all existing devices. Since the market tells us that purchases are increasingly made by mobile devices, then the site must be able to adapt to the size of the laptop, the mobile phone and the tablet. 2) The site, once delivered, must be ready for subsequent changes, as simple as possible for the user who will never be an expert in the field. So make sure you can update the pages yourself without the intervention of any webmaster. 3) Make sure that the freelance or software house positions the pages of your site on search engines. It is as if you were building a building without having essential services like light, gas or water. This activity will have an accessory cost higher than you think, but it is essential for your site. 4) If you need to break up to an international audience, always ask to have the English version of the site. This will push up the final price of the quote but will prevent you from subsequent disruptions to integrate with other tools what the programmer can do.

So, to the initial question Whom to contact, the point is what I want to get from the site and which audience I intend to contact.

Therefore, the cost of the site will not be just to have an empty container, but remember that you will have to be able to keep it alive every day by always inserting new content. Unless you do this, you do not want to delegate it to someone else, so you will have to consider an additional cost.